Monday, September 24, 2007

Merc! Merc! Mercury!

My favourite publisher has launched their new site! Hooray for Mercury! You can read about my forthcoming book if you click the "forthcoming" link, appropriately enough, on the site, which is here.

Brea and I have had an excellent time working with Mercury. They are professional, available, super-friendly, flexible, supportive-- I am so excited about the book (launches TBA very soon) and can't wait to see angela and Bev in person in TO to give them a big hug and a buy them a big beer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Jill Hartman
Poetry Artist

Dear Jill,

How are you.

I saw your work The Painted Elephant on Bravo. I love your work!

We are working on a new Human Mozaik interactive visuel art and literary art project on the beauty of Curves, that could be of intrest to you.

Looking forward in collaborating with you.


Jean René
Art Directer
Human Mozaik

6:34 AM  
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