Wednesday, February 28, 2007


It's coming!

Translating Translating Montréal
or: What are those Montrealers Up To, and What’s It To Us in Calgary?
Conference and Readings on Innovative Translational Poetics

CALGARY, March 8 & 9 2007

Join us on March 8 & 9 as the University of Calgary, CJSW 90.9 FM and The New Gallery host Translating Translating Montréal, featuring discussion and performance by four writers from Montréal: Oana Avasilichioaei, Angela Carr, Robert Majzels, and Erín Moure.

Thursday, March 8
University of Calgary – Learning Commons Room, Biology 540A – 2:30pm-5pm - Free

1)Translating Translating Montréal: A Colloquium on the Theory and Practice of Poetic Translation, moderated by Calgary poet Jill Hartman

• Erín Moure – “Co-Translating ‘Nicole Brossard’: Three-Way Spectacle or Spectre de Trois?”
• Oana Avasilichioaei – “Towards a multiplied authorship and against a transparent I: in translational collaboration with the work of Paul Celan and Nichita Stanescu”
• Angela Carr: “Undercover/undiscover: Love and Eros between Languages”
• Robert Majzels: “Whittling: Translating Tang Dynasty Poets into 85 Letters”

University of Calgary – ST 147 – 7pm-8:30pm (by donation)

2)Mountroyal!: Poetry/Translation Performances by the four writers, hosted by dANDelion's kevin mcpherson eckhoff

Friday, March 9
The New Gallery – 516D - 9th Avenue SW – 7:00pm (by donation, door prizes)

3)Vacheville!: Performances by Oana Avasilichioaei, Angela Carr, Robert Majzels, and Erín Moure, hosted by filling Station's Natalie Walschots

The events are sponsored by the Faculty of Humanities, the English Department and the French, Italian and Spanish Department, The New Gallery, CJSW 90.9 FM, along with dANDelion and filling Station magazines.

Oana Avasilichioaei is an emerging Montréal writer who works and teaches at Dawson College in Montréal, and runs the Atwater Poetry Project. She is currently collaborating with Erín Moure on a dialogic work involving translation from and to Romanian texts by Paul Celan and Nichita Stanescu. She has published two translations of Stanescu’s poetry (including Occupational Sickness, BuschekBooks, 2006) and a book of her own poems (Abandon, Wolsak & Wynn, 2005). She has published excerpts from a work in process, feria: a poempark, in a number of journals, and has given readings in Canada, USA and Slovenia.

Angela Carr is a writer and editor based in Montréal. Her translations of the concordance to the Roman de la Rose (Matrix, 2007) are excellent examples of the sort of innovative poetic translations the conference will examine. Her first book of poetry Ropewalk (Snare Books, Montréal) was published in 2006, and she is now working on a new text drawing from medieval and other sources, and from texts in multiple languages. Carr is one of the emerging writers immersed in Montréal’s multilingual and many-cultured scene who reads fluently in more than two languages, and whose work in English is influenced by linguistic and translational concerns.

Robert Majzels, currently on a limited term appointment as an associate professor in the University of Calgary’s English Department, is a novelist, poet, dramatist and past winner of the Governor General’s Award for Translation (for France Daigle’s Just Fine, 2000). His own work has been impacted by French, Hebrew (Apikoros Sleuth, Mercury, 2004) and more recently Chinese (“Books from the Burning Building,” NO Magazine, N.Y, 2006).

Erín Moure, a Governor General’s Award winning poet and author of 13 books, has been involved for several years now on developing innovative translation practices, with books like her acclaimed trans(e)lation of Fernando Pessoa in Sheep’s Vigil by a Fervent Person. She is responsible for making available in English complex works by writers such as the Chilean poet Andrés Ajens, and the Galician poet Chus Pato (M-Tala, Nomados, Vancouver, 2003, and Charenton, Shearsman Books, UK, forthcoming 2007). Erín Moure and Robert Majzels have together translated three books by the renowned innovative Québec poet Nicole Brossard.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Post-Cuba Ennui

Check out some of my photos from Cuba! We had a great time with Chris and Sandy and Paul's aunts Helen and Eda (at their casa in Playa del Este outside of Havana.) Arrived back in Calgary after 18 hours of travel!!! Feeling cold, so very very cold...

We missed the annual book fair by one day unfortunately, although Eda bought me a couple of books of Spanish poetry. Next time we go, I would like to learn a little Spanish beforehand. But in the meantime, with basically zero knowledge of Spanish, I might try some homophonic translations of the poetry I've got... Translation on my mind after our trip and the "Translating Translating Montréal" conference coming up (more on that closer to the date) and also trying to come up with a final title for Booty. Already behind with Booty business. But before I got too deep into it, I wanted to post some Cuba photos!

Which I've done... Back to work!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No Stinky Basement Suite, Hooray!

Well, for anyone who was wondering, Paul and Hunter and I found a place to live. We are moving next door-- our wonderful neighbour, who is traveling to Australia and other places for four months, is renting us his house and we're taking care of his cat. Oooohh.... Hunter.... and Jake...... do not get along very well. Yet. And I know Hunter is going to think we are playing some sort of lame and stupid trick on him when he tries to go "home" after a night out carousing with his other bad-ass kitty friends, only to see us on the other porch 20 feet away, beckoning to him with a bowl of tuna, calling to him from THE WRONG HOUSE!

It is actually THE EXACT SAME HOUSE, or at least it would have been when they were both built back in 1918 or so. But our nieghbour's house has been renovated inside, has a washer and dryer, has a claw foot tub and hasn't had its basement turned into an illegal suite. Also it has a new garage, and also our neighbour's television is really nice. So it is better. We are moving on up in the world! We'll be there until August 15th.

I am going a little crazy with the timing of events right now... Trying to keep ahead of everything that needs doing before we, oh, what? Take a holiday to Cuba? Yes, right in the middle of moving house, editing Booty, applying for a grant, and organizing what I fondly like to refer to as the "Vacheville" colloquium. Feeling a bit overwhelmed... Cuba is going to be surreal I think, in the state my mind is in right now. Give me a mojito! Let's go swimming! To Havana! Where is my cigarillo? All at once. At least Cuba is one of those places where it is truly difficult to stay connected to the interwebular autobahn, if you know what I mean. So everything that I leave undone or partially done in Calgary will have to wait. It simply will have to!

Can't wait for Cuba to spend time with Chris and Sandy, then for Vacheville when we get back-- looking forward to seeing Angela and Oana again when they arrive from Mount Royal. I mean Montréal.