Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Morning, I Opened the Cream from the Wrong Side, Be Good Tanyas

It still pours just fine :P

Feeling a little Be Good Tanya... Finished teaching my 8-week course at the writer's centre last night and caught robbie-o at the pub (missed his reading from his new, Aubade.) I had a Freddish average of students finish the course with me (3/7) but boy am I thrilled with their manuscripts and their writing... Dr. tell-me-no-secrets-I'll-tell-you-know-Lai's (heh don't even really know what that means) visit for her convocation was one of those Calgary love-in moments, and emails from Grecian Formula Gordo and from Patrician Hazel (um heh meaning Cara) and the melting disintegrating jack-o-lantern on our for-sale porch, why, it's all just got me feeling luxuriously melancholy. "Things keep changing..."

Paul and I are going to see the BGT overdrive at Knox United on Dec. 7.

Going to prepare some of that St. Ampede stuff for submission. Accidentally printed a student's MS on the back of St. Ampede poems I thought sucked. But now I like them again. Could it be my mood? Nostalgia and melancholy are enabling bedfellows.


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